Following the integration of SCA last year,
DS Smith has evolved with a wider service and product portfolio, we have  recognised the need to act in a holistic way, to deliver consistent value to our customers.
Therefore, as from the 20th of November 2013, AbbeySheetfeeding will be known as DS Smith, Sheetfeeding. 

In the coming weeks, we will phase in our new brand formats in every aspect of our business. Our new brand builds on the strong foundations we have established and will provide more than just the change of appearance. Our brand will reflect a promise to help simplify the lives of our customers, by leveraging The Power of Less; Less complexity and greater efficiency, less compromise and more sales impact and less waste and more recycling.

The DS Smith Sheetfeeding business is the UK’s leading supplier of speciality corrugated board.

They have remained at the forefront of corrugated material development for many years and pride themselves on quality and technical expertise.
Their product range continues to expand as the applications of corrugated board moves into wider markets. Sheetfeeding is one business serving different market needs and no other organisation has invested more in specialist corrugated sheet manufacturing than DS Smith.
Their ongoing commitment to sustainability continues to shape their product offerings for
the future, reinforced by being the first sheet
feeder to be accredited with Chain of Custody certificates for FSC®.

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